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Happy new year!

A new year is a chance for new beginnings. A time to reflect on the year before, and to make plans to improve in this year.

I'm sure many of you have set goals to help your children succeed. Today we are going to talk about helping your reluctant reader get interested in reading! I have 3 strategies that may just help you along the way!

  1. Play to their interests

  2. Activity books

  3. Graphic novels

1 - Play to their interests

What is your child interested in? Sports, comics, video games?

You can find a book that relates to ANYTHING! The best part of non-fiction books is that they are usually broken up into easy to read chunks. It makes it less intimidating to only have to read a small paragraph instead of a whole page. You can also open it up and just start reading on any page! You can see some of our newest non-fiction books in these graphics, or click HERE!

2 - Activity Books

Lots of people think of activity books as only for younger readers, but that's not true at all! There are so many great activity books for older readers. They are still reading the instructions on the page, but having so much fun completing the activities it doesn't feel like work! Check out some of the newest activity books from our catalog in these images, or click HERE.

3. Graphic Novels

Someone said that graphic novels are a gateway to literacy. Many reluctant readers will be pulled into a graphic novel by the bright colors and short text. It might even be the first book they read cover to cover, which will certainly give them a sense of accomplishment and confidence to read something more! Take a sneak peek at some of our titles HERE !

I hope that 2022 is full of reading enjoyment for your family. Maybe you can implement one or more of these 3 reluctant reader tips into your life! I would love to hear your success stories!

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