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Our favorite books

UBAM has tons of amazing books, but our favorite and perennial best sellers are the reusable sticker books! These books work on fine motor skills removing the stickers from the pages, but they also utilize matching skills and spatial awareness. There is repetitive text on each page that will help beginning readers gain confidence! These are perfect for age 2 and up!

There are 5 books in the series, plus a Christmas edition! Each one has 5 truly reusable stickers in it (The Christmas one has 15!!). If they lose their stick, you simply rinse them under cold water and let them air dry to reactivate the stickiness!

In All Better, Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! Young readers will delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and be eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable stickers.

In Little Bear Needs Glasses, Little Bear can’t see very clearly, and his friends are worried! Dog, Mouse, Pig and Cow all offer their glasses, but they’re not quite right. Little Bear still can’t see very well! He needs glasses of his very own! Little readers will love helping Little Bear pick out the pair that are “just right” for him using the 5 repositionable, reusable stickers.

In Kisses, Cuddles, and Goodnight, Dog, Mouse, Pig, Chick, and Cow have been busy playing all day, but now it’s time to go to bed. They need kisses, cuddles… and a very special friend before they can say, “good night!” Little readers will love helping the friends pick out the perfect stuffed animal for bedtime using the five repositionable and reusable stickers.

In Time to Brush, Young readers will love matching the five toothbrushes to the five friends and helping them brush their teeth clean, clean, clean! Includes five reusable and repositionable stickers.

The newest book in the series is Good as New. Giraffe hurt his neck and Elephant hit her knee... but a cast makes it better. Young readers will eagerly use the five reusable and repositionable to help make the animal friends “feel better too.”

Happy Reading!

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