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Discounts and Deals

The best part of being an independent consultant with Usborne Books and More is that I have the flexibility to run my business however I want to! That includes the ability to offer discounts and deals!

I have been working on some amazing offers for my customers that I think you are going to love! These deals are available from November 25-30th!

Oooh 10-20% off an order? Yeppers! These discounts will be refunded electronically by me after your order is in! You can order HERE!

If your book total is over $25 you get 10% off.

If your book total is over $50 you get 15% off.

If your book total is over $75 you get 25% off.

(super saver option - put your order in on Saturday 11/27 and you get free shipping on a $75 order, too!) Free shipping on Saturday is automatically applied to your cart - no code needed!

One of the best ways to get these books at a discount is to host your own party! We run it all online and you earn free books based on the party sales! Free books start at just $100 in sales! If you schedule your party this weekend, you will get an extra $50 of free books when we submit your host order! (party sales must reach $250 for the extra $50). Click HERE to schedule your book party!

Lastly - I'm running a MINI BOOK sale! These are small sized books (think perfect for a stocking stuffer) that are priced from $1.99-$4.99. These are great for classroom gifts, friend gift exchanges, road trips, birthday favors. These are ONLY available through an independent consultant! Click HERE to order!

I hope you find some great options for the readers in your life! Please reach out if you have questions or need suggestions!

Happy Reading!

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