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For the Love of Literacy

People always ask me what my favorite UBAM product is. It's not a book ...

The best product and best value you can get from UBAM is.... Our consultant kit !!

For just a few days, you can get a consultant kit for just $29 . This kit comes with a $20 book credit and a $10 UBAM boutique credit and your websites for 6 months!

But wait, there's more... - you get 25% commission on all sales, including your own - you get the opportunity to increase that commission percentage each month - you get the opportunity to win extra prizes, free books and cash - you get all the training and support you need to start and continue a successful business - you get to join our team with extra trainings and contests

Have you ever thought about becoming a book lady? What questions do you have about the book lady life? Ready to start the next chapter of your life? Click HERE to join me in my literacy mission!

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