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No time to read?

It's the new year and lots of us have resolutions to read more, especially with our kiddos. With school schedules and activity schedules, it can seem impossible to fit 30 minutes of reading into your already busy day. Let's look at 3 times you can sneak in a few extra minutes of reading, that you may have overlooked before!

🍽 Meal time - Read while the kids eat. My kids take forever to eat because they are talking so much. If they are listening to a story, they can be chewing instead of chatting!

🛁 Bath Time - Let the words wash over them while they wash their bodies! Even if it seems they are distracted by tubby time, they are still listening👂.

🛏 Bed Time - Snuggle under the covers and end the day with stories. This is my favorite time of day 😍.

Which of these strategies might help your family get in a few extra minutes of reading time this week?

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