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Reading is Fun Week

This week we celebrate Reading is Fun Week!

I wanted to highlight a few of our silly stories that we love to read!

The Prince the Witch the Thief and The Bears has to top my list (followed closely by the second story in the series, The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog)!

When Jamie and his Dad create a bedtime story, a predictable fairy tale soon transforms into an energetic, hilarious story of bears and princes jostling with broccoli-wielding frogs, evil-eyed ninja witches and jewel thief princesses. An action-packed adventure that will inspire parents and children to embark on their very own storytelling journeys together.

In The Tale of the Valiant Ninja Frog, It’s storytime around the campfire for Jamie, Abby, and Dad, featuring their favorite characters – prince, witch, thief, bears – and this time, a dreadful ogre! Will the heroes prevail or will it take a small but mighty frog to save the day?

You can't go wrong with the "This is...." series. Join Owl, Frog, and Crab for some silliness! These interactive stories will have your kiddos flapping, hooting and turning pages with excitement! And what little one wouldn't want to snuggle up with their very own owl when they are ready for bed?

My 3 year old is obsessed with the Lento and Fox books! They remind me a bit of Mo Willems type stories (think of the pigeon books). In My Book (not yours), a sloth’s book becomes a snoozefest, a hero with style and pizzazz has to take the lead. Lento is SO excited you are reading HIS book. He has a BIG story to tell you. First, though, he needs a little nap, but if you snooze, you lose. Enter Fox, stage right, to steal the show. A ridiculously fun character-driven picture book about a bewildered sloth and a sly old fox who keeps stealing the limelight. The follow up story, My Pet (not yours), the rivalry continues between bewildered sloth Lento and sly Fox, this time over new pet Mr. Fluffington, in the highly acclaimed, ridiculously fun character-driven series.

The last one I want to highlight for today is Another Book about Bears. Bears are tired. Sick and tired. Just when they are in the middle of something really good – like sleeping, snoozing, or napping – too many storybooks mean they have to stop what they are doing (that is, sleeping) and get up to be part of a story. Every story. Well, the bears have had enough. They are going on strike... but who could take their place? There are even some discussion questions for this one on the Kane Miller site here:

I hope your family enjoys these books just as much as we do!

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