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Sunday Spotlight: Shine-a-light books

We're back with another Sunday Spotlight. Today we are looking at the Shine-a-light series. These books are informational and interactive and unlike anything else on the market. You read these books with a flashlight to reveal hidden images on each page. They are full of non-fiction information, but it's presented in such a fun way!!!... who doesn't love to use a flashlight?

There are 20 books in the series and I love them ALL!!

"Regardless of which book you choose in the Shine-a-Light series, you're bound to be fascinated (and your children mesmerized!) by the sudden appearance of previously unseen aspects of the picture."

-- Little Cub Literacy, on the Shine-a-Light series

Check out the highlighted Shine-a-Light titles:

And find out about all the books in the series:

You can find all of these books available for purchase on my shopping site .

Happy Reading!

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