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Rhyming Stories

Does your kiddo have a book that they want to read over and over and over (and over) again? The repetition is great for them, but can be tedious for caregivers. I always find it more enjoyable when we are reading stories that rhyme (even when it's the hundredth time through).

The Reading Partners Website says that Rhyme is an is an important element of early literacy development. The practice of rhyming is enjoyable and provides an engaging and memorable reading experience. It also aids in teaching early literacy skills like phonemic awareness and fluency development. When children learn to rhyme, it helps them develop the ability to break words down into smaller parts like puzzle pieces and string them together.

Gemm Learning points out 4 benefits to rhyming:

When your child rhymes words, his brain develops the ability to do the following:

1. Break words down into smaller words.

In reading, the ability for break words down into smaller words makes it possible for him to tackle new words. This is called better phonemic awareness. Children who aren’t doing well in reading are often unable to do this.

2. Learn the rhythm of the written and spoken word.

Rhyming sounds cool to kids and makes them happy. They want to read rhyming books because they are fun and give them the opportunity to develop inflection in their voices. They can also hear the differences in the sounds, which furthers their reading development.

3. Learn word families such as den, ben, ten, men, and pen.

Word families are the basis of language. When children realize that similar sounds are found in words they have heard before, they build a library of sounds in their brain for language. If the letter e in the word ben sounds like eh, it may also sound like eh in the word tenfold.

4. Increases ability to spell new words.

Once a child learns word families, spelling comes easier too. When a new word is spoken, it becomes easier for a child to spell the word because the sounds within the word have already been learned.

Now that you know the benefits of rhyming with your kiddo, check out this graphic to see some of our favorite UBAM books that rhyme!

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