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Bugs Activity Pairing

Happy Monday! As it's getting warmer outside our creepy crawly friends will start coming out of their winter hiding places. Today we played with our Bugs Matching Game. I love these games because they are great for a variety of ages. This is something I can play with my 7 year old and 3 year old at the same time! There are instructions for different variations of play in the included book!

We paired our bug game with a dragonfly pipecleaner craft! We had to sort for the correct colors and worked on our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this one!


3 pipecleaners

8 small beads

2 googly eyes (optional)


Fold one pipecleaner in half

String 7 beads onto the bent pipecleaner to create the body

Join the ends of 2 other pipecleaners to create 2 circles

Wrap those circles around your body to create the wings

Add one more bead

Roll up the open end of the pipecleaner to create the head

Attach 2 googly eyes (optional)

My fellow book lady Alissa is great at creating sensory bins for her kiddos! Check out this awesome bug sensory bin! Using the tweezers your kiddo can pick out the bugs hidden in the grass.

Looking for more bug book resources? Check out UBAM bug books here!

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