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Sunday Spotlight

This week in the Sunday Spotlight is Freddy and his Amazing Bakery!

The first two books came out earlier this year, and the second two books just arrived on the shopping site! These books have short chapters and illustrations that are perfect for younger readers. There are recipes and glossaries in each book.

Book 1: Freddie’s Raspberry Mix-up

The Belville Cake competition is just around the corner and Freddie’s friends have persuaded him to enter – but rival baker Bernard will stop at nothing to sabotage Freddie at every turn.

Book 2: The Cookie Mystery

A famous actress’ much-loved and pampered cat is catnapped from the Van de Lune Hotel. Then Bernard’s cat Otto disappears too! It’s up to Freddie to discover what’s going on.

Book 3: Dancing with Doughnuts

Freddie’s friend Amira is looking forward to taking to the stage and showing the town her ballroom dancing skills in the annual Belville summer show, but her partner twists his ankle tripping over Bernard’s cat! Will Freddie be able to step in?

Book 4: Sticky Cake Race

Belville loves its community events and the Belville Rally is no exception! The contestants have been tinkering, polishing, and priming their vehicles ready to race around the town’s streets and over the canal bridges, but there’s someone who’s willing to win at any cost. Can Freddie save the race?

Check out the Kane Miller Website for activities to go along with these fun books!

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